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Long Forgotten Myth – A Meditation With The Archangels
Brigitte Malisa

“Long Forgotten Myth” is the first time I have taken myself through a guided meditation experience, and I have to admit that it will certainly not be the last. Through this meditation, Brigitte Malisa takes the listener on a serene journey, guided into the “Heaven of the Archangels” where one can experience healing, guidance and peace.

As you sit down to listen to this CD, Brigitte’s gentle guidance immediately begins to take you into a position of relaxation, where your stresses and fears begin to melt away even before she guides you through the skies, and into the “Heaven of the Archangels”. Landing on soft, sandy shores overlooking a glistening ocean, you are immediately brought into the presence of the archangels, channeled by Brigitte’s connections with them.

Throughout the journey, you will be introduced to a variety of different beings, including Michael, Ariel and Jophiel. The gentle healing power of the angels is almost tangible as you are presented to each of them.

The meditation is subtly accompanied by the musical compositions of Pieter Bourke, best known for his work in The Insider and Ali, which serves to enhance and empower the journey that the CD takes you on.

Brigitte’s channeling of the power of the archangels in this CD will leave you relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated when you’re gently returned back to yourself after an incredible journey that will have you wanting to return regularly – I certainly have been.

- Reviewed by Josh Mitchell, Living Now Magazine, July 2007

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