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"Brigitte is a very gifted guide. I have never chosen to have a phone reading with a guide before and I was very sceptical about how it would work and whether it would be accurate. I found Brigitte to be very ethical,intuitive and accurate. She is very professional. I was actually blown away by some of the things that she was able to tell me about myself and my family and my career. I will be consulting Brigitte again in six months and regularly thereafter." Vicky Kamakaris, Yarra Glen VIC. Date: 5/02/20

"I have had several readings with Brigitte over the years. She is kind, flexible with time and truly gifted. I'm left astounded after every reading, but thankful for the insight and guidance given to me. Brigitte is one of my life Angels. Thank you!!!" Sally. R, Glen Iris, VIC. Date: 18/05/16

"I did a reading with you & I loved it. I can already see parts of that reading coming to fruition. You taught me to get in touch with my spiritual & intuitive side. Thank you for that as I am now starting to make better life changing decisions. Thank you for your reading. You are amazing. " Bella Rose, Epping VIC. Date: 18/10/15

"Brigitte gave a reading to my aunty in Japan several years ago. I sent her name photo, DOB & a few questions in English which I translated from Japanese. They never spoke to each other directly & I translated for them by email. My aunty was impressed with the accuracy of the message from her elder sister who passed away decades ago. There were things I didn't know in the reading which my aunty confirmed to be very accurate. I also saw that Brigitte's predictions came true for both my aunty & cousin in Japan. Brigitte is a truly gifted psychic who brings messages from the spirit world & from angels. She has proven that there is no language barrier between this world & the spiritual world, nor between loved ones in Australia & Japan." Hiromi Mitsuya, President of the International Psychics Association. Sydney, NSW. Date: 30/6/15

"I first met Brigitte over 8 years ago & from my very first meeting I was amazed by her incredible gift. She is one of the most incredible women I have met, & provides wonderful insight & guidance that makes me catch my breath every time. She is honest, professional & I can only describe her as an angel on earth. Thank you, Brigitte. x " Sandra Kerr, Beamaris, VIC. Date: 30/10/14

"I came to see you in December last year and received what I can only describe as life changing guidance. You helped me understand what I needed to do to move forward with my spiritual growth and to help my son blossom. You also gave me piece of mind about his year ahead, and so far it has been awesome. Since seeing you last year, I've been on a journey that seems to keep opening doors and new experiences for me. Looking forward to seeing you again for another reading soon." RAJINDER, Mont Albert North. Date: 06/06/13

"You did a wonderful reading for me in April last year. I would love to book in another phone reading with you. Thank you so much Brigitte. You helped me a great deal during a difficult time in my life. Your reading gave me the extra bit of inner strength I needed to move forward." KAREN HUMPHREY, Berwick. Date: 11/03/13

"You were on the ball with a lot of things in a reading I had with you a while back. I have been trying to track you down, as I listened to a tape I found of yours, while I was cleaning out my closet, and you were pretty damn good at this stuff." SCOTT MCMAHON. Date: 15/01/13

"Thank you for the great reading last Friday.I will most certainly get another from you in 6 months." ELAINE KELLY, Mildura. Date: 21/11/12

"I loved my reading, and tonight I am going to re-read what you said and start my meditation." PENNY, Essendon. Date: 02/11/12

"This is my second reading with Brigitte and like the very first session, I found her to be very warm, honest and professional. Brigitte 'hit the nail on the head' several times during my reading and I was often left quite amazed at how accurate she was with regards to several matters. I would not hesitate to see her again and I would not hesitate to recommend her to family/friends. Brigitte, I hope the year ahead brings to you and your loved ones much happiness and good health." KATHRYN, Spotswood. Date: 11/08/12

"I found your reading to be spot on, in regards to my two girls' personalities. You touched on me being a little stuck in regards to letting go of my past relationship, the hurt, and moving forward, again spot on. Very impressed and I would recommend you to friends." NATALIE, Cranbourne. Date: 15/08/12

"I found Brigitte's business card in a local business and thought I would see if she could help me. I have been quite lost in life lately and needed some assurance about a few things. When Brigitte said to think of a few questions, I had three I really needed answers to, and without telling her what they were, she ABSOLUTELY helped me with all of them. I feel very blessed to have met Brigitte and recommend her to anyone who is interested in some life guidance and self-help. Thank you, Brigitte" LOUISE MOORE, North Melbourne. Date: 26/08/12

"It was an amazing experience that has changed my life. I fully intend on following your advice and have already started to. Thank you for giving me some direction. I will definitely have a reading with you in the future." DAYNA HOPE, Heidelberg. Date: 28/08/12

"I'm a 23 year old Melbourne guy who had mixed ideas of where I wanted to go in life. After one session with Brigitte I am a lot more clear on where I am going and the steps to take to get there. I found that not only is Brigitte extremely accurate with her psychic abilities, but she also helped as a bit of a counsellor with current situations. I highly recommend Brigitte as a great psychic." JARRED VAN RIET, Deer Park. Date: 12/02/12

"Hi Brigitte, I would like to thank you for my reading as it has put things into perspective for me, and I have started praying again for myself to change and deal with issues I could not deal with before." DOLORIS QUINN, St. Albans. Date: 12/03/12

"Hi Brigitte, I thought you may like to know that the last time I saw you, you mentioned that you saw a car with a bow on it, as in I would be getting a new car. At the time I thought me getting another car was wishful thinking and definitely not a possibilty, well suprise suprise I ended up buying a second hand car which is an upgrade to my old car. I remembered what you had said a few months after buying the car." SALLY POZAR, Melbourne. Date: 28/02/12

"Brigitte has a great gift that everyone needs to experience. She had the ability to pick up so many things about me and my family, by holding a piece of jewellery in her hand. She has visions and has the ability to sense things. From now on I will continue to see Brigitte as she has a gift that is one of a kind." TABOTU, Flemmington. Date: 05/08/11

"Thank you Brigitte, everyone loved your readings. You were so lovely to meet. The bride was really impressed and I wanted her to have a great day, so thanks again!" TIFFANY, Brunswick. Date: 03/03/12

"As an artist it is easy to feel a lack of clarity within the structure of your life, at times lack confidence in your work, or to be unsure of the direction you have taken.  I regularly seek Brigitte’s council for many reasons of this nature and more. Her insights are eerily accurate, her sensitivity boundless and her manner goes from compassionate to humorous and back to logical, within some fine broad strokes. She clarifies for me direction and intention, she has made some extraordinary predictions, each fulfilled, and has given me an enlightened look into myself." LAUREN CLAIR (actor, Underbelly)

"Hi Brigitte, your reading was so accurate. You stated something about my son overseas and a knife- within 24 hours he was attacked and stabbed in the hand with a knife, so I should have paid more attention to this. You were 100% accurate in everything you told me, but what I am most impressed with is that you give guidance and don't just predict the information. I feel that the outcome of my violent ex will be resolved much faster because of what you have told me." DEBRA HALL, Sunbury

"Hi Brigitte, I've been feeling lost, confused and hopeless for months and after an incredible reading with you, I have such clarity and hope. Thank you for allowing me to have confidence again- I'm back on track and indebted to you for helping me light the way. You are amazing Brigitte. I'm so glad I came back to you. I'm sure I'll be back again."KARLA EDRIDGE, Pakenham

"Thank you Brigitte. I found my session to be fantastic! I felt lighter and uplifted. Your reading of my family members was so accurate, I was amazed. Thank you for the information you have provided, I shall use it regularly." CLELIA INNAMORATI, Preston

"Brigitte, you have always been a great inspiration to me. When I came down here in 2002, I was lost and I could not get that feeling that I experienced in your rooms. I realised I was home in my heart, my mind and spirit. Thank you for being my angel Brigitte, and I send you love and light that you continue to spread your wisdom to many more like me." CARMILLE BAWDEN, Reservoir

"You have made so many things about my feelings and dreams make sense. I have so many dreams set in the time that you mentioned. Thank you for your reading, it has been very healing for me. I am grateful to you for your warmth and accuracy." LUCY - referring to her reading in the 'Australian Psychics Directory 2010 edition

"The reading you did for the article in the Australian Psychics Directory really impressed him, and encouraged him to go ahead with his life. What you have predicted has come true, and is happening, and he is now relaxed that things will be alright. As he cannot speak English I would like to thank you for giving great spiritual guidance, on behalf of him." HIROMI - Referring to her cousin who lives in Japan

"I need to tell you how I felt when I read your spiritual messages. I got so relaxed. My heart felt so peaceful and I felt as if all my stress and tiredness vanished completely. I really thank you very much." SAYOKO (Japan)- referring to her reading in The Australian Psychics Directory 2009 edition

"There have been blockages in my life for many years and she tapped straight into these areas. Afterwards I felt free, as if a burden had been lifted. That reading was life changing for me and because of her sincerity, depth and honesty, it was no brainer to see her again the next year. I know that she is very accurate and I recommend her to anyone who needs guidance." SARAH BOLLENBERG (actor)

"Brigitte’s work is based mainly on word of mouth, indicating her strong abilities to satisfy the needs of her clients. Her readings for me have always been powerful and precise."
LUCY BASA,  Templestowe Lower

" I have found Brigitte to be very accurate in her readings and channeling. She has helped me in many ways to improve my life and deal with issues." FRANK D’IPPOLITTO, Lalor

"I am a mother of two who has recently separated from an abusive relationship of 25 years. It was an extremely difficult struggle emotionally and it was the most painful experience I’ve ever encountered in my life. However, I am happy to say that I and my children have moved into a new home and that life is safe, peaceful and joyous. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you Brigitte, who has been my ‘guiding light’ throughout this time in my life. I have been receiving guidance and healing from Brigitte for over 3 years now, and cannot begin to express how deeply grateful I am for her kindness and compassion. Her intuitive abilities are a gift that enables her to provide amazing insight." JULIE DAMBROSIO, Kew

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